How to Stop People From Using Your Image on Facebook

Facebook has made many updates in recent months. Unfortunately, some of these updates may threaten the privacy of personal information you may have innocently shared on Facebook.In many cases, the onus is on you and you are required to actively take steps to secure your data from third party applications and websites, as some changes allow them to gain access to your data without you being advised. Facebook Advertising is an example.Facebook Advertising can use the name and even the images of any person with a Facebook account. Previously known as Social Ads, it allowed a person’s name and profile photo to appear in ads displayed to that person’s friends and connections. However, Facebook is only able to do this when you are connected to a page you’ve liked, an event you’re attending or an application you’re using.Facebook’s ability to use your image and data in this manner is stated in the policies of Facebook. If you use Facebook, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions.In fact, it’s clever marketing. If you see the face of a friend next to an advertisement for a page, the statistics show you are more likely to click it, as your mind perceives your friend is “endorsing” the product or service.How comfortable are you having your face appear next to the advertisements of other people that you may not even know?You may be fine letting Facebook use your name and photo in the adverts of your friends, colleagues or pages that you’ve liked. But if you’d prefer a tighter control on protecting your personal information, this feature needs your attention.Fortunately, as a Facebook user, you can choose to opt out of this feature.How to stop Facebook from promoting the services of pages you like using your name and photo:After you’ve logged into your account, go to the Account tab located on the top right hand corner.From the drop down menu that will appear, click Account Settings.Once you’re in the My Account page, click the Facebook Ads situated at the far right.The next step is to change the default setting that allows ads on pages to display your information.As the default is set to “Only my friends,” you need to change it to “No One.”After that, click Save Changes.Doing this step will stop your photo and name appearing in advertisements for third party applications and websites.Next, change the settings that show your social actions in Facebook ads. You will find this portion in the bottom of the same page.Repeat the same step by changing the default from “Only my friends” to “No one.”Then click Save Changes.This step will ensure that your name and photo will no longer be shown in the present ads for Facebook pages, events and apps.