How to Stop People From Using Your Image on Facebook

Facebook has made many updates in recent months. Unfortunately, some of these updates may threaten the privacy of personal information you may have innocently shared on Facebook.In many cases, the onus is on you and you are required to actively take steps to secure your data from third party applications and websites, as some changes allow them to gain access to your data without you being advised. Facebook Advertising is an example.Facebook Advertising can use the name and even the images of any person with a Facebook account. Previously known as Social Ads, it allowed a person’s name and profile photo to appear in ads displayed to that person’s friends and connections. However, Facebook is only able to do this when you are connected to a page you’ve liked, an event you’re attending or an application you’re using.Facebook’s ability to use your image and data in this manner is stated in the policies of Facebook. If you use Facebook, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions.In fact, it’s clever marketing. If you see the face of a friend next to an advertisement for a page, the statistics show you are more likely to click it, as your mind perceives your friend is “endorsing” the product or service.How comfortable are you having your face appear next to the advertisements of other people that you may not even know?You may be fine letting Facebook use your name and photo in the adverts of your friends, colleagues or pages that you’ve liked. But if you’d prefer a tighter control on protecting your personal information, this feature needs your attention.Fortunately, as a Facebook user, you can choose to opt out of this feature.How to stop Facebook from promoting the services of pages you like using your name and photo:After you’ve logged into your account, go to the Account tab located on the top right hand corner.From the drop down menu that will appear, click Account Settings.Once you’re in the My Account page, click the Facebook Ads situated at the far right.The next step is to change the default setting that allows ads on pages to display your information.As the default is set to “Only my friends,” you need to change it to “No One.”After that, click Save Changes.Doing this step will stop your photo and name appearing in advertisements for third party applications and websites.Next, change the settings that show your social actions in Facebook ads. You will find this portion in the bottom of the same page.Repeat the same step by changing the default from “Only my friends” to “No one.”Then click Save Changes.This step will ensure that your name and photo will no longer be shown in the present ads for Facebook pages, events and apps.

Google and Facebook Pay Per Click Information

We were really busy leading up to Christmas 2010 which is not something any of us expected, in some ways we were looking forward to a relaxing wind down of a turbulent year for some of our clients and us to a lesser degree. Being honest we are in the right type of business because even though we have faced and are facing tough economic times the online World is buzzing more than ever.The topic I would like to talk about today is Google AdWords and Facebook ads, both very different but together can boost profits. The trick as always is in your preparation of the advertising and the whole campaign from impression, click to order to email.Google:Google is very much about finding the search terms that pay, if you advertise on too a generic term like say “printer” as you sell printers then you will get click from those searching for inks, parts, servicing, reviews and others who are not interested in what you offer. This will cost you a lot of money and more than likely lead to a wasteful unsuccessful campaign. You need to use longer search terms that will reduce volumes of people searching but those that do use the search term are more likely to be interested in what you do. It is much better to have quality over quantity in Google.For example if you sell HP printers then effective search terms could be “HP printer best prices” or “HP colour printer prices”. For our clients we use the Google keyword Tool and others to work out where the most cost effective traffic will be for our client, the Holy Grail is finding relatively low competition search terms but well targeted leading to low click costs but good conversion results!Your advert needs to have a call to action; it needs to make the potential customer click. We always set up a good few adverts to see which adverts perform the best. Anyone with a little experience will think this is obvious but we have seen many trying to take short cuts or thinking they somehow know the best thing to say!PLEASE BE AWARE:Many of our clients have been contacted by Companies on the phone saying they can guarantee getting them on the first page of Google. They make a big thing about and say they can do it for only 60 – 120 pounds a month. I have to explain to my clients that it is not good and here is the reason why:”They are talking about Google AdWords because Organic results can not be guaranteed, what they do is quite simple, get you near the top for the first few weeks which will cost them at least some of the money you give them. Then they drop you down to position 6-8 on the right hand side, still on page 1 of Google like they said they would. Only now the month advertising is costing them less than half of what they charge you. What a great money earner. You will be lucky to recoup your money back.”This was confirmed when I went and gained a new client who had a 100 a month fee paid monthly for 5 search terms, we both checked over several days and his listing didn’t even come up! A waste of money – DONT DO IT!Get in touch with a Company who knows what they are doing, someone who can meet you.Facebook:Facebook is different as you do not target specific search terms from people searching, you are targeting geo-location, age, gender and other options you find in Facebook. This means you are advertising to people like an electronic bill board on one of the most popular social networking sites in the World.The way you advertise is different from Google and should be treated as such for example lets say you offer training for a new career. In Google you would find good search terms and base your adverts text around those search terms. In Facebook you can promote “start a new career” or “Want a new career?” – You also have an image you can upload in Facebook which should be designed professionally. Visual impact counts.You can also use Facebook advertising to promote your Facebook page, increase your social media presence, although we recommend you start by gaining business first.Using both Facebook and Google ads together can be a powerful online advertising & marketing medium. You have researched both and constructed variations of Ads, both provide a good click volume with users spending at least some time on your website. Is this Job done?NoYour landing page must try to capture the person who has clicked (thanks Michael), showing them exactly what they want. For example if you get a click from someone looking to buy a HP printer (everything about your ad has lead to a high probability of this) then the page they come to must show them the HP printer they were looking for or the type of printers they will be interested in, for example if they searched colour your landing page should only show colour printer options. Do not kid yourself people will spend lots of time trying to find what they want from your home page!So here is a little crib sheet you should always think about when using Google or Facebook advertising:• What is your advertising aim (sell, promote get emails?)
• What cost is acceptable to gain 1 x your focus (e.g. you would pay more per conversion for higher valued sales)
• What is your initial budget for a campaign (normally per day)
• Google – list and research search terms to find search terms that get results
• Facebook – write down your target audience (using Facebook profile info as a guideline)
• Setup both campaigns using your researched information (check other ads)
• Create a minimum of 4 ad variations – 10 is better!
• Facebook get a professional creative ad designed
• Create or get your web designers to create a landing page specifically for your adverts (one for Google & one for Facebook)
• Have an incentive, discount code so you know if from Google or Facebook
• Make sure your landing pages are focused on your aim (at the beginning)
• Get a few people to check out the process before going live to proof to make sure you are happy you have done all you can
• Make your campaigns liveIf in doubt always get a professional in, we for example set up the campaigns for our clients, doing the research, ad text, ad images and the landing pages. We then instruct the client on what we do how we do it and provide some training. This then empowers our clients to understand better what is involved and to get involved themselves.Our web page on Google AdWords and Pay per ClickI welcome any comments below especially from any one else who has good experience with Google AdWords and Facebook and would to share some other useful info!Thanks for reading

Advertising On Facebook: How To Run Profitable Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing now available.Unfortunately, many people approach it in a way that loses rather than makes them money. They then reject Facebook advertising as a source of new leads and customers. This also means they lose out on revenue that’s otherwise sitting there waiting for them to take advantage of.But with a slight shift in approach, they could run ads with a positive ROI (Return on Investment). By doing so, they can claim a new and often very profitable revenue stream for their business.Here’s How To Make Advertising On Facebook WorkIt all starts with your Facebook Page, or fan page.Your fan page needs to be updated regularly with new content. This keeps it fresh and alive, enhances your business’s credibility, and connects with your audience.In terms of advertising, truth is, it’s difficult to advertise on Facebook effectively for the long term without ensuring your fan page is regularly updated.It’s been designed to work like that.Facebook doesn’t just want a bunch of advertisers. They need those advertisers to be posting other content too. Otherwise they lose their user base and their whole business model starts to fall apart. Facebook users will simply go elsewhere to find content that interests them.You start by running ads for the fan page itself.(You’ll see how this ties in with running external ads soon. In other words, ads that link to your own web site for example.)Here’s How It WorksStart A ‘Like’ Campaign For Your PageStart by running a campaign for people on Facebook to Like your fan page.Why do you need people to Like your page?It means:- You start building a profile of people on Facebook who are interested in your business and what you offer. When you do start running ads direct to your website for example, you can show them to people who have already Liked your page. As a result the ads are far better targeted and more cost effective.- Your Likes are effectively leads for your business. They are an audience of people who you can continue to communicate with. Those who Like your page will continue to see your posts and updates to that page. This helps keep your business front-of-mind, and is key to increasing sales.- Social proof is a vital part of the sales process. Your Likes help establish your credibility as a business.In terms of social proof, think about this.Which one of the following types of business would you be more likely to purchase from or want to connect with?- A business with a handful of Likes, and the odd sporadic update every now and again if at all. The last post may have been some weeks or months ago, in fact; or- A business with a few thousand Likes to their page, and regular timely updates. It also has obvious signs of engagement and interaction with their audience.Obviously, most would pick the latter. All that social proof gives it far more credibility and trustworthiness.Likes can also have a direct impact on sales and thereby your levels of profitability. Like it or not (excuse the pun), the Likes on your page have a direct impact on your sales conversion rates.Furthermore, Likes positively impact your ad click-through rates. This makes advertising on Facebook more cost effective and profitable over time. Here’s how:- Facebook users can hover over the profile pic on your ad. In doing so, they see the number of Likes your page has had. This helps them determine whether clicking through is worth their while.- In your ads, users are not just able to click on the ad itself. They can also click through to your Facebook Page to find out more about you. The number of fans you have, and how regularly you post, form a key part of the overall impression they make about your business. This can again impact on whether they click on the ad itself or not.- Once you have run a campaign, you can ask Facebook to create a ‘lookalike audience’ of people similar to those who have Liked your page. You can then run your ads to this new audience. This gives you better targeting, higher click-through and cheaper ads.So you have your Like campaign up and running. This rewards you with a growing community of fans. These are all prospects who have raised their hand and said they’re interested in what you do.You now have a couple of key advantages when you start advertising your business directly on Facebook.Hopefully you can now see the importance of starting with an effective Like campaign when you begin advertising on Facebook. To ensure this is effective, as described above, this goes hand in had with regular updates on your fan page.Start ‘tagging’ people who purchase from you and identify them as buyers. You do this by putting some Facebook conversion tracking code on your site.This basically tells Facebook who has purchased from you. You can then ask Facebook, once again, to find you a lookalike audience who you can advertise to.This has the potential to be incredibly powerful and valuable for your business. The more buyers you have ‘tagged’ in this way, the more effective and accurate the process becomes. Over time, your ads become increasingly targeted, cost-effective and profitable.As you can see, by using Facebook advertising, finding a market for your business consisting of interested prospects and potential buyers becomes a largely automated process. When approached in the way described here, it can be very profitable.